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Enjoy Mangrove Tour In Benoa Bali Honeymoon Packages – Another interesting eco-tour in Bali is a journey through the mangrove forests through wooden walkways. The forests are located near the port of Benoa a Suwung Kauh, about 21 km south of Denpasar. This mangrove forest is also Bali Honeymoon Packages near the Candi Narmada Temple, the only holly dungeon south of Denpasar and the people Come and pray to wish a blessing every day Opened in 2003, the Mangrove Information Center is dedicated to the study and conservation of coastal mangroves in the region. Bali Holidays Packages On an area of ​​about 200 There are hectares of nurseries that occupy 7,700 square meters, wood paths for observation and exploration huts for rest and meditation and floating bridges.

Enjoy mangrove tour in Benoa

Bali Tour Packages Mangroves play a key role in the life cycle of the ocean and in the food chain as they serve as areas of genetic enhancement for a whole range of marine animals fundamental to the food chain of the ocean. And in the case of a tsunami, the mangroves serve as life-saving buffers. Sewa Mobil Bali Dengan Supir, Tanpa Sopir & Paket Wisata Harga Murah These mangrove forests are best visited in the early morning or afternoon, the best time to observe the many species of birds that make up the Sewa Rental Motor Bali  mangroves like her habitat.

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